🎉 Celebrating 6 Years of Asda Global! 🎉

Join us as we commemorate the 6th anniversary of Asda Global with exciting events and rewards for our players!


🌟 Level-Up Rewards Update

Earn even better rewards as you level up your characters during the anniversary event!


💼 New Starter Package

New players can now enjoy a special starter package filled with exclusive items to kickstart their journey in Asda Global!


🚀 6th Anniversary Booster

Experience a boost in your adventures with our special 6th-anniversary booster!


🎊 Double Exp/Gold Buff Event

Enjoy double exp/gold buffs throughout the anniversary celebration period!


🌟 New Legendary Avatars Release

Unveil the latest legendary avatars available exclusively during our anniversary event!


👗 Fashionista Event

Show off your sense of style and participate in our fashionista event to win amazing prizes!


🔍 GM Find Event

Join the find for our GMs in-game and stand a chance to win exclusive rewards!



The detailed event announcement will be revealed again on the start date of the event!

Stay tuned for more details on these exciting events as we celebrate 6 years of epic adventures in Asda Global!


We look forward to seeing everyone in the game :) 




AG Team