1. Eight Playable Classes!

From the tank role, to healers, buffers, and several types of damage dealers, you’re sure to find
something to fit your play style! Pick from one-hand sword, two-hand sword, spear,
crossbow, bow, attack mage, support mage, or healing mage!

2. Find Your Soulmate!

Become soulmates with another player and become even stronger!
Level up together and gain special skills only for soulmates, such as the ability to teleport to,
summon, heal, and revive! Other skills will increase your strength as you play together,
and prevent the loss of experience on death!
Kill 100 monsters together and gain a Golden Apple with extra experience and items!

3. Guilds, With Benefits!

Create or join a guild, and work together to earn great benefits!
Gather guild points from various actions, such as killing monsters, questing, digging, fishing,
crafting, gaining titles, and much more! Donate those points to your guild to help it level, allowing
your guild to grow larger and unlocking access to guild buffs to increase your power, speed, and

4. Achievements Galore!

Love game achievements? AsdaGlobal’s title system contains over 200 titles to collect and show off!
Perform certain actions to discover and gain titles, then apply them above your character to be
seen by all! Gather the most titles to compete for the top 100 ranking, and gain extra stat points
for the top 1000! Show off your titles to yo ur friends using the Facebook Link feature
(plus post screenshots and boast items)!

5. Go Questing!

No MMORPG is complete without quests to keep you advancing! Complete hundreds of general
quests by yourself or with friends!
If you run out at any point, grab some repeatable suppression and dungeon quests to keep the
experience and money flowing in!
General quests and repeatable quests are available for all levels!

6. Mold Your Stats!

Customize your character’s stats with the sowel socketing system!
Find sowels from hunting monsters or digging, and socket them in your equipment to increase
your strength, dexterity, stamina, spirit, intellect, or luck!
Without sowels, your character will not live up to its full potential!

7. Show Off Your Style!

Choose between hundreds of costume items to show off your personality!
Avatars can be worn to replace the appearance of equipment, without sacrificing your stats.
Mix and match hats, shirts, pants, gloves, shoes, and accessories to create your very own fashion!
Plus, like the sowel system, boost your stats more with the rune socketing system!

8. Be Unique!

With over 90,000 hair and face combinations, you don’t have to be a clone!
Choose between 33 hairstyles with 24 colors each to make your character beautiful!
19 face styles with 6 eye colors each are also available, sporting various looks from cute or
seductive, to serious or spaced out!
Create your own personality within your character!

9. Lovable Pets!

Collect dozens of pets to accompany you in your adventure! Each pet will boost your character’s
stats as it remains at your side.
Level up and evolve them for an even higher stat bonus, or gather them just for fun!

10. Fishing & Digging!

Gather crafting materials and special items by fishing or digging! Complete fishing books by
catching all the fish in a continent to receive rewards!

11. Need Help?

Check out the help system in-game for information about AsdaGlobal’s various features, including
great info and tips for new and experienced players alike!
Have a game question and can’t find your answer? Ask around in game or on the forums.