Greetings, ASDA players!


We are happily inviting you to the Facebook Event.

As all of you know, there was a Faction War update ver.3 on November 29 and we would like to listen to our players' thoughts.
Let us know what you think about the changes that have come to the Faction War by leaving a comment on our Facebook post. 

Please record the updated war participation video for 5 to 30 minutes.


▶ Event period: 22.12.27 ~ 23.01.10
▶ How to participate:

1. Follow the Asda Global Facebook page.
2. Please fill out the answers to the questions below and leave them in the comments.

3. Take a video of Faction War playing the game and upload it on your YouTube channel or page.


Please fill out the contents below and send it to me when you register the event. 


■ Your character class & level:
■ How do you feel about the changes:
■ What needs to be improved and why:  
■ Other suggestions: 

■ Faction war record video URL :



▶ 5 winners will be chosen by GMs, and the prize will be 50 Gems.


※ Winners will be announced after the event ends.
※ ASDA Global Facebook page will contact winners via Facebook message.
※ To claim the gift, winners must send us their character’s information within 7 days. And only the persons who send us the information will receive the gift.
※ The award will be sent out during the next maintenance after the winners' information is confirmed.
※ If you delete the comment or change the Facebook name, we can't confirm the information. So please be careful.
※ Do not use multiple Facebook accounts to win.
※ The participants who are not following the ASDA Global Facebook page will not be included in the event winners.
★Please click the link below to see our Facebook page:
Thank you.
AG Team