ASDA players! 
We are happily inviting you to the Surprise Facebook Event. :) 
Let us know what is your favorite avatar by leaving a comment on our Facebook post.
We’ll then choose the names of the winners of the prizes.
※ 5 winners will be chosen by GMs, and the prize will be 50 Gems. 
▶Event Period: Oct 19th - Oct 27nd
▶How to participate?
1. Follow Asda Global Facebook page
2. Please fill out the answers to the questions below and leave them in the comments.
- Character Class:
- Character Level:
- Most preferred avatars and reasons:
- Your favorite avatar set effects and why you prefer them:
- Avatars that you are wishing for the release of Legendary level:
- Items or avatars you hope to release in 2024:
- Comments on ASDA (if you have any):
※ Winners will be announced when the event ends.
※ ASDA Global Facebook page will contact winners via Facebook message.
※ To claim the gift, winners must send us their character’s information within 7 days. And only the persons who send us the information will receive the gift.
※ The award will be sent out during the next maintenance after the winners' information is confirmed.
※ If you delete the comment or change the Facebook name, we can't confirm the information. So please be careful.
※ Do not use multiple Facebook accounts to win.
※ The participants who are not following the ASDA Global Facebook page will not be included in the event winners.
★ Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AsdaGlobal/
Thank you. 
AG Team