Greetings ASDA players!

We are glad to announce the winners for Halloween Fashionista event! 

Thank you all for participating in this event. 

Winners will be posted on Facebook as well.

The best screenshot will be placed on the banner of the next Fashionista event :) 

Here are the winners: 

character name.png

★(Best) Hiela 

Comment for ASDA Community:

Hi Hi everyone, I took this photo at the queen's palace, it has always been my favority and nice place... Whatever Happy Halloween ASDA Community ~~ <3 



I liked this game a lot. I hope everyone will try it. I would love to thank all those who helped me. Thank you


★ Athy

One taste of the poisoned apple and the victim's eyes will close forever. Glad to see you my ex soulmate.


★ yeollie

i hope improve in this game 


★ Monet

That's my picture for Halloween Fashionista Event. I hope its spooky enough and that u choose me! Thank you.


Congratulations to you!

All the rewards for the winners will be sent out during the maintenance on November 17.

Thank you for participating and we will bring more events soon! :)

Best Regards,

AG Team