• The guild window is now separate from other community windows, and has been completely revised.
  • Rank names have been revised: Vice Guild Leader -> Officer, Special Member -> Veteran, and Associate Member -> Initiate. This was partially made due to the interface changes to prevent overlapping text, but we also think it sounds nicer ;)
  • You will need to set up a hot key in the game options to access it (we recommend G).
  • Announcements can be written by the guild leader or anyone with the privileges to do so. They are seen by the whole guild in the top of the guild window, and also in the chat window the first time you log in or when it is changed.
  • New privilege settings allow more freedom in giving power to your members. Set all priviliges for Officer, Veteran, Member, and Initiates separately. However, in order for a lower rank to have access, all ranks higher than it must also have access.

Guild Points System

  • All players can gain guild points by doing various activities, including questing, hunting, gaining titles, crafting, disassembling, digging, fishing, and more. Points can be seen in the bottom right of your profile window, or in the guild window.
  • Players will gain guild points even if they are not in a guild. They can be saved and donated to any guild joined in the future. However, you can only have 3,000 guild points at one time, so in order to gain more you must donate.
  • Points are donated through the guild window, directly under announcements.
  • Points donated to the guild can be used to level up the guild, increasing the member capacity and unlocking access to skills and skill level-ups.

Please note that the max members before the update was 50. Guilds who already had 50 members can keep them, but will not be able to add more members until reaching Lv5. Additionally, if a player leaves or is kicked out, they will be unable to come back until reaching Lv5.

Guild Skills

  • Guild Skills can be learned by using the guild's points.
  • After learning, for the buff to be effective it must be activated by spending more points.
  • Each day at 6am, a maintenance fee will be deducted from the guild's points to keep a buff active. If there are not enough points, the buff will automatically deactivate.
  • Guilds can conserve points by deactivating skills any time to keep from spending a maintenance fee. However, keep in mind you will need to pay again to reactivate it. It is cheaper to keep the skill active than to deactivate it for a day than reactivate it!