Greetings ASDA players! 


We are pleased to inform you of our new event for this month!

You can find the details of the event below: 



<Happy Easter Event> 




[Easter Egg]


1) Get Blue Easter Egg by fishing. 

2) Get Green Easter Egg by digging.

3) Complete a daily quest and get the Pink Easter Egg as a quest reward.



*Collect 10 each of the eggs and double-click to get the [E]Egg Token x50 (Event shop coin).


 20220325_121119.png                         ▷            20220328_141554.png

Blue, Green, Pink Easter Egg x10           [E]Egg Token x50



[Daily Quest] 


▶ During the event period, a daily quest: Hunt the Easter Parasol will be up on the Bulletin Board in each town. 

Complete the daily quest and acquire a Pink Easter Egg (30) as a quest reward. 







<Easter Parasol Monster>



[Time Gift]


2023-03-22 10 52 03.png

▶A [E]Egg Token(1) will be given out via mailbox every hour while you are in the game.



[Daily Attendance]

During the event period, visit Event Corp. NPC LaLa and click "Daily Attendance". 
You will receive [E]Old Title Token Gift.

With the this gift, you can exchange old title tokens at the event shop.



[Event Shop]

▶Visit the Event Corp. NPC "LaLa", located next to the Moving Crystal in Alpen.
In the Event Shop, you can purchase the following items using the Egg Token.





※The event items are non-tradeable.



[Event Title]

▶Once you collect the heart tokens, purchase the Title Token at the Event Shop and bring it to the Guild Officer NPC "Captain Ella".

▶Click "Collect Bounty" and turn in the required amount of tokens for each title. 





[Happy Time Event]


▶During the event period, you can enjoy EXPx3 happy time every day!





[Gacha Bonus Event]


▶If you complete the events below, you will obtain Gacha Bonus Rewards!

* Every reward from this event will be delivered once per account.



1. Consuming Gems!

- Spend 2 or more gems a day for 10 days (not in a row), you will get a [P]Permanent Mount Booster I.


2. 5-Days Relay Gem Consuming Event!


- Spend more than 6 gems every single day for 5 days in a row, you will get a [P]Permanent Mount Booster II.


3. Gacha Bonus Event!

- Get the event rewards for spending certain amounts:




※ The reward items are non-tradeable.

※ Please note that the event period and contents may be subject to change with future notice.


We look forward to seeing everyone in the game :) 


AG Team