Greetings ASDA players! 



We are pleased to inform you of our new event for this month!

You can find the details of the event below: 



[Event 01] Donate Cherry Blossoms!



▶ How to get Cherry Blossoms?

- During the event period, every monster in the fields and Elite area will drop a Cherry Blossom in a certain chance.

- You can also get Cherry Blossom from fishing and digging. 


▶ Donate!


- When the number of donated Cherry Blossom from players reaches 1000 on a channel, after 10mins, the Drop rate x2 event will automatically start and last for an hour.

- Donation is only available via NPC LaLa in Alpen town. - By the number of Cherry blossoms at the time of donation once, you can get Cherry Blossom Coin as a reward. (Minimum: 50 Blossoms)



※ If you've got more than 250 cherry blossoms, please donate them separately to receive the rewards.

(e.g., Collect 1000 cherry blossoms -> donate 250 blossoms x 4 times)



[Event 02] Cherry Blossom Daily Attendance

▶ During the event period, visit Event Corp. NPC LaLa and click "Daily Attendance". 
You will receive "[P][E]Attendance Package(+piece)". 
The attendance package contains the following items: 
■ Attendance Token
■ [P][E]Option Exchange Scroll piece
■ [P][E]Main material piece
■ [P][E]Activation repair Kit piece


[Event 03] Cherry Blossom Event Shop

▶In the Event Shop, you can purchase the following items using the Cherry Blossom Coins.




※Please note that all event items are non-tradable.



[Event 04] Event Titles ▶Once you collect the heart tokens, purchase the Title Token at the Event Shop and bring it to the Guild Officer NPC "Captain Ella". ▶Click "Collect Bounty" and turn in the required amount of tokens for each title. 






[Event 05] Time Gift Event

- During the event period, all online players will get a Cherry Blossom Coin every 2hours Mailbox.




[Event 06] Gacha Bonus Event

▶If you complete the events below, you will obtain Gacha Bonus Rewards!


* Every reward from this event will be delivered once per account.



1. Consuming Gems!


- Spend 2 or more gems a day for 6 days (not in a row), you will get a [P][E]Pet EXP Boost(10) (non-tradable).


2. 5-Days Relay Gem Consuming Event!


- Spend more than 2 gems every single day for 4 days in a row, you will get a [P][E][7D]Ongoing Pet Food (non-tradable).


3. Gacha Bonus Event!




- Get the event rewards for spending certain amounts:


※ Pet EXP Potion Booster





※ Pet Limit Break Potion Booster 





[Happy Time Event] 

▶ During the event period (4 weeks), you can enjoy EXPx2 happy time every day!





※ Please note that the event period and contents may be subject to change with future notice.


We look forward to seeing everyone in the game :) 




AG Team