Greetings ASDA players!
We would like to inform you of the method of transferring
accounts for old Kaybo users.

Step #1
For transfer, you need a Brand-New Masangsoft account.
Please click the icon below, and create a Masangsoft account first.

※ If you log in the game before transferring with the ID, it cannot be used for transfer.
So DO NOT ENTER the game before sending a ticket to the Support page. 

Step #2
After creating an account, sign-in on the website with that ID and
send a ticket to Masangsoft Support Page. (Please follow the link)


TITLE : [Requesting Kaybo Transfer] 
My Kaybo account(ID): _____________
Character name & level & Class: _____________ (highest level)

Step #3
When the transfer is completed, we will let you know with a comment on your ticket. 

Please note. 
※ Remained k-coin on your Kaybo account will not be transferred. 
 Aada Global no longer supports the Spanish version of the client.
※ If the information you entered is incorrect, your account will not be transferred. 
 Account transfer will only transfer information related to Asda Global,
   and will not affect other games.
 Please note that the application is valid only until August 31, 2018
   and cannot be transferred afterward.

Thank you.

Best regards,
~AG team