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[Faction War Update]
Greetings ASDA players! 
Now is the time to dive into the new exciting challenges! 
Discover the new things that have come to the Faction War! 
Here are the details of the new faction war contents: 
1) Monsters appear near the base camp in the Faction War.
- A total of 100 Deckron Troops appear. (HP 10, Damage 1 per 1 Hit)
- 40 Deckron Troops ▶ Respawn every 30 seconds.
- 60 Great Deckron Troops ▶ Appears once (no respawn)
▶ Defeat the monsters and obtain Faction War Exclusive Potions.
- The Deckron Troops drops PVP HP Increase Potion Booster by a certain chance and the Great Deckron Troops drops it in 100% chance. 
- The Deckron Troops and the Great Deckron Troops drop PVP HP Regeneration Potion Booster or PVP HP Recovery Potion Booster by a certain chance.
- Use the booster and you will get the Faction War Exclusive Potions
2) Faction War Exclusive Potion
▶ You can recover faster in pvp battles by using the potions below.20210716_200302.png
※The potions and buff effects are automatically deleted when you leave the Faction War.
You cannot see the HP of the opposing faction player.
(HP is marked '-' as below)
※The contents may be subject to change with further notice.
Thank you.
~AG Team