Greetings ASDA players! 

Here are the Faction War updates being applied for Asda Global on November 29.


Please refer below for the full details.




Monsters appear near the base. 


- Great Deckron Troops (no regeneration)

- Deckron Troops (regeneration)


20221117_164741.png ASDA GLOBAL





Deckron Troops appear at each center spot on the map.








"Crystal Guardian" at each crystal. 

*If the crystal is occupied by the Light faction, the Crystal Guardians will become the Light faction. 

*If the crystal is occupied by the Dark faction, the Crystal Guardians will become the Dark faction. 







[Crystal 1 & 7] 


"Crystal Bishop" protects Crystal 1 & 7.






[Center of the Map]

A boss monster "Crystal Kaiya" appears at the center of the map. 

Kaiya drops Special Honor Coin x20. (Kaiya regenerates every 10 min.) 

*It will be temporarily removed after 22.12.13 maintenance while checking for bugs related to boss monster "Crystal Kaiya".(22.12.27 Resolved)






▶ You can exchange the Special Honor Coin for Adamantium powder at the Honor Shop.





[Faction War Exclusive Potions]


- The Deckron Troops/Great Deckron Troops/Crystal Guardian drops PVP HP Increase Potion by a certain chance.


▶ You can recover faster in pvp battles by using the potions below.






※The potions and buff effects are automatically deleted when you leave the Faction War.



※The contents may be subject to change with further notice.




Thank you.
~AG Team