[Faction War Update ver. 2]
Greetings ASDA players! 

Here are the Faction War updates being applied for Asda Global on Tuesday, January 25.


Please refer below for the full details.





1) Monsters appear all over the map of the Faction War. 


faction war mobs map.png ASDA GLOBAL


2) Players cannot attack the same faction monsters in front of the opposite base.


 Dark monsters appear in front of the Light faction base.

 Light monsters appear in front of the Dark faction base.





3) Faction War Exclusive Potions 

▶ You can get the drops from mobs immediately as potions.

※ PVP HP Potion Boosters no longer drop.


Faction monsters in front of the base drop HP Increase Potion(A, B Type) in a 100% chance. 

All other monsters over the map drop potion in a 30% chance. 




※The potions and buff effects are automatically deleted when you leave the Faction War.



※The contents may be subject to change with further notice.
Thank you.
AG Team