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Greetings ASDA players! 


We are pleased to inform you of our new event for this month.

You can find the details of the event below: 



5th Anniversary Celebration Event 




Collect G, L, O, B, A pieces to get a Global 5th Anniversary Booster.


1. How to get the G, L, O, B, A pieces?


[E]G - Fishing Hunting 

[E]L- Digging

[E]O - Time Gift

[E]B - Event Monster Drop

[E]A - Hunting 


1-1) Once you've collected 10 each of the G, L, O, B, A, double click on it to get a Global 5th Anniversary booster.


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[E]G, [E]L, [E]O, [E]B, [E]A x10     ▷  Global 5th Anniversary Booster  



[Global 5th Anniversary Booster] randomly gives you one of the following items: 


[P]Pet Limit Break Potion Booster
[P]Pet EXP Potion Booster
[P][E]Special Upgrade Protection(1)
[P][A]Love AsdaGlobal
[P][A]AsdaGlobal Balloon
[P][A]Green Majestic Wings
[P][E]Rare Bunny Egg
[P][E]Rare Tiga Egg
[P][E]Rare Dogi Egg
[P][E]C-Rank Pet Exp Potion(1)
[P]Pet Synthesis Supplement (5)
[P]Pet Level Protection(1)
[P]Globall Pet Egg




※The event items are non-tradeable.



[Event Shop Coin]



▶You can get the Celebration Coin by fishing, digging, hunting event monsters, and Time gift.



[Event Monster]

▶During the event period, the event monster: Great Mimic will appear in the field. 

(※Defeat the event monster that fits your level to get items dropped.)




▶ The event monster Mimics drop the following items at a certain chance: 


[E]Celebration Coin
[E]Delighted Token
^[E]B^ (5)




[Event Shop]

▶Visit the Event Corp. NPC "LaLa", located next to the Moving Crystal in Alpen.
At the Event Shop, you can purchase the following items using the event coins. 








[Event Title]

▶Once you collect the Celebration tokens, purchase the Title Token at the Event Shop and bring it to the Guild Officer NPC "Captain Ella".

▶Click "Collect Bounty" and turn in the required amount of tokens for each title.





[Event Gacha] [Legendary Bunny Pajama Avatars (6 Colors)]

▶The Event Avatar Coin can be obtained from the Event Gacha Box. 


※ You can select and exchange the part you want with the Event Avatar coin (LG Bunny Pajama).

 exchange is available through NPC LaLa during the event. 

※The event avatar coin are tradeable.










[Happy Time Event]


▶During the event period, you can enjoy EXPx3 happy time every day!




[Gacha Bonus Event]


▶If you complete the events below, you will obtain Gacha Bonus Rewards!

* Every reward from this event will be delivered once per account.



1. Consuming Gems!

- Spend 2 or more gems a day for 10 days (not in a row), you will get a Adamantium Powder(490).


2. 5-Days Relay Gem Consuming Event!


- Spend more than 6 gems every single day for 5 days in a row, you will get a Adamantium Powder(750).


3. Gacha Bonus Event!

- Get the event rewards for spending certain amounts:







※ You can get Event Legendary Accessory Avatar Coins as a reward for spending gems.

※ You can select and exchange the part you want with the Event Avatar coin.

 exchange is available through NPC LaLa during the event. 





※ Please note that the event period and contents may be subject to change with future notice.



We look forward to seeing everyone in the game :) 


AG Team