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Greetings ASDA players! 


We are pleased to inform you of our new event for this month.

You can find the details of the event below: 



4th Anniversary Celebration Event 


  • Guide:


Collect G, L, O, B, A pieces to get a Global 4th Anniversary Booster.


1. How to get the G, L, O, B, A pieces?


[E]G - Hunting 

[E]L1- Fishing

[E]O - Digging

[E]B - Time Gift

[E]A - Event Monster Drop

[E]L2- Daily Quest Reward


1-1) Collect 10 each of the L1, L2, and double-click to get an L x10.


20220425_134043.png                   20220425_135516.png

[E]L1, [E]L2 x10      ▷    [E]L x10


1-2) Once you've collected 10 each of the G, L, O, B, A, double click on it to get a Global 4th Anniversary booster.


20220425_134012.png                 20220425_134126.png


[E]G, [E]L, [E]O, [E]B, [E]A x10     ▷  Global 4th Anniversary Booster  



[Global 4th Anniversary Booster] randomly gives you one of the following items: 


[P]Pet Limit Break Potion Booster
[P]Pet EXP Potion Booster
[P][A]AsdaGlobal Cloak
[P][A]Love AsdaGlobal
[P][A]AsdaGlobal Balloon
[P][A]Green Majestic Wings
[P][E]Rare Bunny Egg
[P][E]Rare Tiga Egg
[P][E]Rare Dogi Egg
[P][E]C-Rank Pet Exp Potion(1)
[P]Pet Synthesis Supplement (5)
[P]Pet Level Protection(1)
[P]Globall Pet Egg




※The event items are non-tradeable.



[Event Shop Coin]


▶You can get the Celebration Coin by fishing, digging, hunting event monsters, and daily quest completion.



[Event Monster]

▶During the event period, the event monster: Mimic will appear in the field. 

(※Defeat the event monster that fits your level to get items dropped.)





▶ The event monster Mimics drop the following items at a certain chance: 



[E]Celebration Coin
[E]Laughing Token
[B]Mimic booster

*Mimic booster contains Transformed Mimic and event booster materials ([E]A x5).







[Daily Quest] 


▶ During the event period, a daily quest: Fight 4 peace will be up on the Bulletin Board in each town. 

Complete the daily quest and acquire a Daily Quest Gift as a quest reward. 




<Event Boss Monster: Great Mimic>








The daily quest gift gives you a title token, event shop coin, and event booster materials (L2).





[Event Shop]

▶Visit the Event Corp. NPC "LaLa", located next to the Moving Crystal in Alpen.
At the Event Shop, you can purchase the following items using the event coins. 








▶ During the event period, you can buy Legendary Pirate Avatars using the Event Avatar Coins. 

※ You can get Event Avatar Coins as a reward for spending gems.










※The event items are non-tradeable.




[Time Gift]



▶[P] 4th anniversary gift will be given out via in-game mailbox every hour!

The gift contains a title token, event shop coin, and event booster material (B).





※The event items are non-tradeable.



[Event Title]

▶Once you collect the Title Tokens, bring them to the Guild Officer NPC "Captain Ella". 

▶Click "Collect Bounty" and turn in the required amount of tokens for each title. 





[Happy Time Event]


▶During the event period, you can enjoy EXPx3 happy time every day!






[Gacha Bonus Event]


▶If you complete the events below, you will obtain Gacha Bonus Rewards!

* Every reward from this event will be delivered once per account.



1. Consuming Gems!

- Spend 2 or more gems a day for 14 days (not in a row), and you will get [P]Adamantium Powder(490).


2. 5-Days Relay Gem Consuming Event!


- Spend more than 6 gems every single day for 5 days in a row, you will get [P]Adamantium Powder(750).


3. Gacha Bonus Event!

- Get the event rewards for spending certain amounts:




 ※ Using the coins, you can purchase Legendary Pirate Avatars at the Event Shop.











※ Please note that the event period and contents may be subject to change with future notice.




We look forward to seeing everyone in the game :) 


AG Team