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Greetings ASDA players! 

We are pleased to inform you of our new event for this month. 

You can find the details of the event below: 


<First Love Event> 




L.O.V.E Heart Piece


1) Defeat the monsters in the field and get Heart Piece (L)

2) Get Heart Piece (O) by digging. 

3) Get Heart Piece (V) by fishing.

4) Get Heart Piece (E) x5 from the time gift that is given out via mailbox every hour.


*Collect 10 pieces of L, O, V, and E, and double-click to get a Love Booster.


합치기 설명.png



▶Love Booster randomly gives you one of the following items: 


  • Gem(1)
  • ● [P]Valentine Choco (5)
  • ● [1D] Physical Premium Potion
  • ● [1D] Magic Premium Potion
  • ● [1D] Premium Potion
  • ● C-Rank Pet EXP Potion
  • ● Pet Level Protection [1]
  • ● Pet Synthesis Supplement (1)
  • ● [E]Pet EXP Boost (1)
  • ● [E]Ongoing Pet Food (1)
  • ● [P][E]14344 Token
  • ● [P][E]Heart Token(100)
  • ● [P][E]Heart Token(80)
  • ● [P][E]Heart Token(50)





[Time Gift]


▶A Time To Love box will be given out via mailbox every hour while you are in the game.


The Time to Love box gives you the following items:


■ [E]Heart Piece (E)
■ [E]Heart Token (100)
■ [E]Love Event Ticket





Heart Token 

▶You can also earn Heart Token by hunting monsters, digging, and fishing in a certain chance. 


How to use the Heart Token?

▶Bring the Tokens to the Event Corp. NPC "LaLa" located next to the Moving Crystal in Alpen.


[Event Shop]

▶In the Event Shop, you can purchase the following items using the tokes:







[Legendary Angel Avatars(14 different colors)] 

▶The Event Avatar Coin is obtained from the Event Gacha. 






※Please note that event items are non-tradable.

※Angel Avatar packages are tradeable.




[Event Title]

▶Once you collect the heart tokens, purchase the Title Token at the Event Shop and bring it to the Guild Officer NPC "Captain Ella".

▶Click "Collect Bounty" and turn in the required amount of tokens for each title. 





**Collect as many Love Event Tickets as you can. The First Love title will be given to the person who holds the most tickets at the end of the event period. 



※A player who is considered to collect Love Event Tickets by cheating will be excluded from the event winners.



[Happy Time Event]

▶During the event period, you can enjoy EXPx2 happy time every day!




[Gacha Bonus Event]


▶If you complete the events below, you will obtain Gacha Bonus Rewards!

* Every reward from this event will be delivered once per account.



1. Consuming Gems!

- Spend 2 or more gems a day for 10 days (not in a row), you will get a Style shop Coupon(5+1).


2. 5-Days Relay Gem Consuming Event!


- Spend more than 6 gems every single day for 5 days in a row, you will get a Gender Change Item.


3. Gacha Bonus Event!

- Get the event rewards for spending certain amounts:




*[P][E]Special Upgrade Box contains:


■ Special Upgrade Protection (5)

■ Special Supplement (10)


※ The reward items are non-tradeable with only a few exceptions.


[Event Gacha]
▶ An Event Gacha Box will be available during the event period.
***This Gacha contains  Event Avatar Coin that can be exchanged for the Legendary Angel Avatars(14 different colors) at the event shop. :)





※ The set bonus effect does not light up, but the effects actually work. 










***The Rune Boosters will also be available in the Event Gacha Box during the event period.  






※ Please note that the event period and contents may be subject to change with future notice.




We look forward to seeing everyone in the game :) 


AG Team